On-Site Management Training for Park Owners

Mobile Home Parks Trader (MHPT) offers on-site management training for park owners and their managers. All management training is done at your park. Call 607-323-5052 to learn more.

We offer Management Training at your park.

We do all training at your park. All parks are unique and deserve focused attention to that individual park. We like to do training with the owner and his manager if possible. In this way we’re able to give full attention to your (the owner's) concerns as well as giving your manager the tools and knowledge to do his job properly. We typically like to look at your park first as this can gives us a better understanding of your tenants and the current infrastructure of your Park. This on-site course with the owner and manager is a two day course.

Before we come to your park we would hope to speak with you by phone and obtain a list of problems or questions that you may have to be better able to pinpoint problems and serve everyone's time more productively. We would hope to be able to address most of the problems or concerns you have the first day.

We offer training for existing or potential owners and your manager if required. Our training is done at your park so we can identify your needs. We believe that each park is different and that only with one on one discussion can we fulfill your particular needs. No two parks are the same. It normally takes two days for an educational meeting with present park owners. We try to make the hours of training work around your schedule. We need 8 hours of training per day. For people looking to purchase a mobile home park the course is one day.

To present owners of a mobile home park, we show you how to properly run your park. We can assist you in adding monthly income to your park in several ways. If you have employees, why?  Is the maintenance of your park effective? We can show you how to have good relations with code enforcement, board of health, etc in you area. Do you buy back homes in your park from existing tenants when they leave? If so, I will show you how to determine what price you should offer. How can you protect your water and sewer system? We provide most forms you will need to run your park. We will provide you an example of one of the most up to date and complete sets of park rules and regulations available today. What is the present function of your park manager? What should you expect from your park manager? Yes, we will train your manager to better meet your goals. The relationships between you and your manager will be discussed in depth. Proper compensation for your manager will be determined by how much responsibility you have them undertake.

To customers looking to purchase a mobile
home park, we offer a 1 day course
(One-on-One Training, your location or ours).

This course covers what is required to buy a good park. What size park do we recommend and how the pricing of a park is determined. There are many facets of park ownership covered in this one day course. Are you going to be involved in the day to day running of your park?  If you hire a manager what will their duties be? What return on your money are you looking for?  Be very careful of the phrase, “This park has potential”. Are mobile home parks a safe investment?  Investigation before purchase involves what? The answer to the above and more is covered in this one day course.

The course price including all forms that we provide is $ 550.00 plus expenses. We offer free phone support for 60 days after course is completed. It is normal for you to call us with questions after the training has completed, and we welcome the opportunity to assist you further. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions you might have about our management training for current mobile home park owners and prospective buyers. Call us today at 607-323-5052.

On-Site Management Training



To new or existing mobile home park owners we offer a 2 day course for you and your manager. Our training is always done at your park so we can pinpoint your exact needs. We can help you even more if you make up a list of problems or question you may have about your park. In this way we can come to your park with the answers to your particular problems. We can also show you problems you may not be aware of and can provide you with the proper answers.

Management training course is for two (2)  8 hours days. The cost for this 2 day course is $1100 plus expenses. To learn more please call:


For Potential Park Owners


We will cover what is required to purchase a good park. What size park do we recommend and how the price of a park is determined? What are you looking for, short or long range ownership. Flipping parks? What returns on your money are you looking for? Be very careful of the phase “this park has potential”. Are Mobile Home Parks a safe investment? Investigation before purchase involves what? How do you protect the infrastructure of your park?  Dealing with State and local officials’. Are there any hidden costs?

The cost for this 1 day course is $550 plus expenses. You can come to our offices for this course, or we can meet you at the location of your choice. To learn more please call: